Servaccomm is proud to own a vast 6 acre site just outside Hull where we have a manufacturing facility. It enables us to produce in excess of 1,000 steel-frame volumetric modules per year, with the capacity to store completed modular buildings on site before we deliver to clients.

We operate to ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 standards which reflect our ongoing commitment to first class quality, the environment and safety.

We further enhance these nationally recognised accreditations by operating lean manufacturing techniques which address the key issue of waste within the construction sector. This approach is complemented by the philosophy of Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) through our employees, suppliers and customers at all stages of the manufacturing process.


During the design stage, Servaccomm will ask the client for 'sign-off' of the plans and elevations so that a fully detailed bill of materials can be produced. Materials are detailed and purchased from full cutting lists minimising waste and controlling quality and cost.

Servaccomm use a system of steel-framed volumetric modular buildings to improve productivity and dimensional accuracy in construction. The manufacturing process is tested to rigorous standards and tolerances, with each process mapped and subject to adaptations when required.

By using a composite external panel we minimise thermal bridges and ensure continuity of insulation across the building envelope. By using rigid insulation rather than cavity filled mineral wall, we ensure insulation does not slump during transit. This is a great example of how our dedicated R&D team have designed a quality assured system.

Supply chain

To ensure we achieve best value at all times, we engage with our supply chain throughout the design, manufacturing and delivery phases of the clients project. This process ensures all supply partners are fully aware of the design requirements as well as the outputs.

Our supply chain partners and consultants are vetted on key criteria including their H&S records, quality, financial stability, their capacity and capability. Once selected, they are subject to rigorous and ongoing measurement of their credentials and performance. Most of our sub-contractors and consultants have partnered with Servaccomm for over 20 years and as such perform as an integral and seamless part of our business operations.

Standardisation across a broad range of materials has enabled Servaccomm to engage with our supply chain to create fewer components and larger sub-assemblies for our manufacturing process. This has driven significant efficiencies ultimately benefiting the client with certainty of programme and budget.