Design Development


At Servaccomm, the flow of information from customer and consultants to internal departments is business critical to the success of a project. Servaccomm understand how important it is for the correct design information to flow in sequence with the project programme.

This important part of the process allows us to produce a bill of materials, order long lead items, and assemble all the parts in a logical and regimented manner so there are no time delays waiting for parts or drawings during the manufacturing period. This process is centred around people. The Directors at Servaccomm, all with over 20 years’ experience in off-site construction take personal responsibility to ensure your project progresses succinctly to a successful completion.

Design consideration

Servaccomm embraces and actively encourages client participation with the in-house Design Team. This ensures the team considers space that will be reflective of your needs: practical, secure, agile and flexible. As a principle, we always try to reduce building running costs and our engineers and designers will always consider latest technologies to improve whole life costings. We also consider how our design promotes social harmony and reduces the impact we have on the environment, of which the client’s input is always welcome.

Design engagement

In today’s modular buildings market we all need to be flexible and as such Servaccomm is set up to act as a design and build contractor where we drive the design, or if appropriate, as a sub-contractor where our designers dovetail their experience with an integrated multi-disciplinary approach.

Our professional team, which include experts in planning, structural, building services and engineering, is available to help you through the entire process from the initial client meeting through to CAD drawings and thermal modelling.

Servaccomm believe the aesthetics of designing volumetric modules, using modern methods of construction, are the building blocks to create inspirational buildings which enhance design and thereby the environment we live in.