Sector: Modular Retail Buildings

Why choose Servaccomm?

We have over 20 years' experience in delivering modular buildings to the main blue chip retailers. We work with retailers, contractors and architects to supply a wide range of convenience stores, click and collect, concession pods and off-site modular extensions.

You can trust us

Servaccomm differentiates itself with a team of dynamic, knowledgeable people that have experience and confidence to deliver diverse and interesting modular buildings to client sites throughout the UK.

Why choose modular buildings?

More time trading, less time waiting

Because the off-site method of construction is much quicker and cheaper than traditional construction, we can stick to even the tightest deadlines and budgets. In fact, we can finish your project in half the time of traditional builds. So you’ll be able to open your store sooner and get a faster return on your investment.

Designed to help you boost sales

We’ll work with you to create a bespoke retail design that suits your business, your budget and your customers.

Guaranteed to be on time and on budget

Servaccomm has a wealth of experience in designing and building retail modular building systems over the last 20 years. All our customers expect budgets to be managed and agreed handover and occupation dates completed on-time. Servaccomm never fail to deliver on our promises.

Adaptable and flexible

Our flexible kit-of-parts design means you can easily expand or decrease your retail building space by adding or taking away space, whole floors or reconfigure layouts to accommodate changing requirements, resulting in a flexible and agile space for your needs now and in the future.

Up to 60% more energy efficient

We comply with the ISO 14001 environmental standard, assuring you and other external stakeholders that we constantly measure and improve our environmental impact. You benefit by a reduction of waste and operating costs as well as achieving higher conformance with legislative and regulatory requirements for your building.

Less waste on site compared to traditional construction

Modular buildings dramatically reduces waste on site as a consequence of pre-assembled components built in a controlled factory environment.

Less disruption for your customers

Our off-site method is proven to result in significantly less disruption onsite for your customers than traditional construction with 85% less traffic movements on site.

Superior quality

We are accredited to the ISO 9001 quality standard. We’re governed by the industry’s regulating bodies following strict safety and quality standards. Servaccomm pro-actively operates a continuous improvement programme to improve quality at all levels of the process. 

Our approach

We lead the project working in partnership with key stakeholders to a seamless integrated plan from collaborative design planning and groundworks through to delivery, installation and handover. 

We achieve this through team work, communication and a true partnership approach from day one.

We liaise and collaborate with all relevant professional bodies throughout the process such as surveyors, structural engineers, contractors and architects to reach the right solution for your permanent retail building, meeting all the relevant building standards and regulations.