Sustainability & Environment

Design of energy efficient modular buildings

Servaccomm's commitment to the environment extends far past our ISO 14001 accreditation.  It is at the core of everything we produce. 

Adopting the 3 R philosophy to waste management we have worked with our supply chain to Reduce packaging and purchase materials where practical as finished assemblies to reduce waste generated from cutting.

We Reuse what would otherwise be waste material for things like blocking out walls and where offcuts are too small we use as fuel to heat our factories.  The little residual waste we do produce is segregated with over 80% being Recycled.

Our systems have all been designed with the environment in mind.  The majority of materials we use come from sustainable sources.

In addition to the outstanding thermal performance and energy efficiency of our buildings, we are able to incorporate almost anything you need to crate a building with a low environmental impact. 

Options include:

  • solar thermal collectors
  • photo voltaic
  • wind power
  • recycling rainwater for use in 'grey' water systems
  • ground or air source to either air or water to provide heating and cooling
  • Bio Mass
  • 'Green' walls or roofs

The list is endless, we are able to provide the right solution for your site.  Servaccomm has a proven track record of working with clients to achieve a BREEAM excellent rating.